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Bizler Architecture, since the first day of its establishment, has been giving services for the research, design and analysis of all kinds of architectural projects and concepts, as well as concept design, technical drawings, detail drawings, alteration and renovation projects and all construction works in accordance with technical standards, construction and specifications. 


It also provides project consultancy and investment management.

While providing these services, our aim is not only to create an original architecture, but also to provide them with modern production and application methods with quality workmanship and to establish trust-based relationships with customers, taking into account customer needs through the economic and effective use of resources.

Our company, which increases its momentum day by day, will be in the business environment with the principle of fast and timely delivery and will continue to work in international quality standards while bringing innovative projects together with its customers in real life.


In addition to creating an original architecture in all projects and beyond, to present modern production and application methods with high quality workmanship by taking into account customer needs through the economical and effective use of existing resources; It is the biggest reason why Bizler Architecture has established relationships based on trust with customers since its establishment.

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